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How we help

Creative Teams

Choose colors with confidence

An inspiring collection of colors. Instead of replenishing your current color books and fan decks every 12 months due to inconsistency, start fresh with Coloro’s designed-to-last library.

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When you are looking for just the right shade, Coloro’s logical coding system makes it easy to shift in any direction.


Coloro’s precise standards means you’ll experience fewer frustrations with best-can-do’s and dropped colors.


Strategic color selection

Create color palettes online. Use image recognition to turn inspirational images into color combinations with a single click. Also, analyze and strategize your palettes with ease.

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Make it your own

Inspiration starts here. Instead of a do-it-yourself approach to design tools, let Coloro create professional color cards, rings and more to get your creative teams on the same page.


Presentation-worthy design tools

Tools tailor-made for your team to inspire creativity.

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Custom color development

We can create unique colors that fulfill your exact requirements and, more importantly, your vision.

Work with ease

Seamless onboarding. Change can be daunting, so let our client success team lead the way – they will onboard your teams and suppliers to ensure a smooth transition.

Get started in 5 easy steps

Color Library

Order reference books

Design & technical onboarding

Scheduled sessions

Supplier onboarding

Tailored supplier webpage and guides

Core color translation

Matching of core and historical colors

Select Seasonal Colors

Building your palette

Workflow integrations

Coloro connects to other parts of your workflow to streamline color communication.


Beyond Coloro

Color Trends

Coloro is WGSN’s primary color partner. The Coloro system underpins WGSN color analysis, trend forecasting and data-driven color intelligence capabilities.

Color Consultancy

WGSN experts can bring world-leading color, trend and data expertise to identify future strategies for your business with a Color 360 analysis.

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