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Technical Teams & Suppliers

Get color right

Start with an accurate color standard.With Coloro, you can rely on consistent color standards (produced on a technical fiber) with matching QTX files included.

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Measured to Match

Certified and quality controlled physical and digital QTX files that 100% match.
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Before you dye...

Check feasibility first. Reduce risk of dropped colors and best-can-do’s by confirming colors are achievable across different fibers, illuminants and fastnesses before dyeing.

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Work faster (and smarter)...

Improve your Right First Time Rate. Coloro’s consistent standards and feasibility data will result in fewer lab dips, dropped colors and waste.

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Dyestuff flexibility

We know some dyestuff are harder to acquire than others, and some aren’t even available in certain regions of the world. That’s why we’re dyestuff agnostic.

A true partner

Color is collaborative. Our technical and client success teams are here to support you and your suppliers.

Skilled color support

Coloro's responsive team are here to help with (almost) anything.

Digital color data & integration
Technical & Dyeing support
Customer service

Over 5000 suppliers are already working with Coloro

  • American & Efird
  • Asinstruments
  • Avery Dennison Hong Kong
  • Chen Tai Laces Co.,Ltd
  • Chunyuco.Com.Tw
  • Coats North America
  • Coats Shenzhen Ltd.
  • Compass Tex
  • De Licacy
  • Designitaliano.In
  • Development Services Limited
  • Dongjin Textile
  • E.C.I. Elastic Co., Ltd
  • Eclat
  • Everest Textile
  • Far Eastern New Century
  • Formosa Taffeta Co Ltd
  • Freeview Industrial (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
  • Fu Hsun Fiber Industries
  • Gb Light
  • Gokaldas Export Ltd.
  • Guangdong Billion Union Textile Co Ltd
  • Hop Lun
  • Huge Rock Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Hung Hon (4K) Limited
  • Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing Co. Ltd.
  • Hyun Dae Sik Mo., Co. Ltd
  • Hyundai Motor America
  • J&B Int'l Hi-Tech Textile & Garment Supply Co.,Ltd
  • Jade Long John Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
  • Jah Yih
  • Jason Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Jinnat Knitwear Ltd
  • Jr286
  • Junmay Label Mfg. Corp
  • Kds Group
  • L'oréal Us
  • Little King Global Co., Ltd.
  • Makalot Industrial Co.
  • Masco Group
  • Matchmaster Dyeing & Finishing, Inc.
  • Max Zipper Co.
  • Meganesuper.Corp
  • Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd.
  • New Wide Enterprise Co.
  • Ortholite
  • Ortholite Group Ltd
  • Paihong.Vn
  • Pepwing
  • Polartec
  • Pouyuen Vietnam Company
  • Pt. Paiho Indonesia
  • Rt Knits Ltd
  • Samho Shoe Manufacturing Company
  • Samil Vina
  • San Fang Chemical Industry Co Ltd
  • Sheng Jeou Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Singtex Industrial
  • Six Victor Ltd.
  • Source Material
  • Sues International Corp
  • Taiwan Paiho Limited
  • Tefron Canada Inc
  • Tefron Ltd
  • Teijin Frontier Co.
  • Tiong Liong
  • Toray International Europe Gmbh
  • Tsan Chen Textile Trading Co.,Ltd
  • Unitex International Button Accessories
  • Universal Fabrics Ltd
  • Wilson Garment Accessories (Int'l) Ltd
  • Ykk Corporation
  • Ykk Shenzhen
  • Youyoung
  • Yrc Textile
  • Yu Yuang Textile Co Ltd
  • Zing Yong Enterprise Co Ltd

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